Finding Care

You can start looking for care without your referral code. However, you can’t access care or enter into a contract for care without the referral code

What is a referral code?

A referral code is unique for each individual and is a formatted number similar to: 1 – 123456789123. For more information refer to  ACAT/Eligibility.

How do I find a provider?

Search to find a provider that’s right for you. Be armed with the following information before starting your search:

(you can also filter your search based on health condition, community or background, faith or language.)

Link to myagedcare provider page. Or call 1800 400 422

Need more assistance?

Clarity can provide you with a short list to help you focus your search.

Want more information about retirement living options?

Our approach to advice is to:

Other options to assist in care needs include:

Home Care Packages

Commonwealth Home Support Packages (CHSP)

Privately pay for care

Respite care

Finding the right aged residential aged care home is just like looking for your family home. It is personal preference. We suggest the following process to narrow down your options:

  • Decide on desired geographic location.
  • Short list from services on myagedcare website (for a fee we can provide you with a shortlist based on 2 to 3 variables).
  • View websites of the facilities. Some include a virtual tour.
  • Contact the facility to check availability and to organise a tour. Click here for our list of potential questions you can ask.
  • Whilst on the tour, look around and ask yourself:
    • is it a clean pleasant environment,
    • is the sun shining in.
    • is there an updated activity list,
    • smile at the staff do they smile back,
    • what does the food smell like.
  • Most facilities can provide you with an information pack.
  • Seek financial advice about affordability and how to fund costs.  Book an appointment with Clarity Financial Advice. 

The key things to do when faced with the potential need for residential aged care

The key things to do when faced with the potential need for residential aged care

  1. ACAT assessment, to establish eligibility to access care and provide you with the referral code the Aged Care Facility needs to establish your care needs. To book an assessment contact My Aged Care Phone 1800 200 422
  1. Understand the costs and government support available. Contact Clarity Financial Advice Phone 0430 019 136
  1. Consider your options for now and the future – What can you afford? Contact Clarity Financial Advice Phone 0430 019 136
  1. What Centrelink forms need to be completed? Guidance of what needs to be completed will be included in “Your Next Steps” of your statement of advice if you have engaged Clarity Financial Advice.

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