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Clarity specialises in helping you understand the financial side of transitioning in the later years of retirement. However, we can also help you understand where to start and what steps need to be taken when.

Are you eligible and how do you get assessed

Are you eligible and how do you get assessed?

a. Are you accessing CHSP
b. Do you have an ACAT
c. Do you have the referral codes you need

Finding Care

Finding Care

a. Do you know where you want to live
b. Do you need specialist care
c. Is there a place available
d. Is respite appropriate

Getting Advice

Getting Advice

a. What is the best way to fund my accommodation costs
b. Retain, Rent, Sell the family home
c. If I stay at home what is my Income Tested Fee
d. Is my preferred residence a Commonwealth or State based solution
e. What are my fees under various asset structures
f. What is my means tested fee
g. Do I need health insurance
h. Is my Will up to date and will my decisions impact the Estate intentions
i. What is an additional service fee
j. Cashflow for anyone remaining in the home and for aged care fees

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